Geek Out Challenge – Day 13

Today’s question was actually not that hard to answer! It’s probably predictable though.

Day 13 – Favorite book series?

Harry Potter without a doubt! I was late to the game, I will admit to that. I didn’t pick up the series until book three came out I think?

I remember that I tried to read the first book thanks to the library in a cruise ship my family took to celebrate my cousin Alice’s Quinceañera. I borrwed it and started to read it, hardcover version. I couldn’t seem to get into it so I shelved it back.

When I got back I didn’t think much about it, up until I randomly picked up the first book again, this time at Marshall’s and actually tried to read it a second time.

I loved it. I really loved this universe and was wrapped up in the whole thing. I knew that there was a second book, I also found a copy at Marshall’s. It only set Mom back about $5 and I read the whole thing in a day. I couldn’t get enough.

I don’t remember how I found books three and four. I do know that by book five I was pre-ordering it. This one came out the week before my own Quinceañera cruise. I was so happy mom was able to pick it up for me that I started reading it. During the downtime I had in the ship where I didn’t want to socialize, I was in the cabin reading.

When I got to the pivotal death in book 5, I wept. I seriously cried. My sister made fun of me for it because it was ‘just a book’ but then a few years later she definitely understood what it meant. Those real tears when Sirius disappears behind the curtain.

I hold the books dear to my hear and I’ve been yearning to reread them for years. I don’t know if my collection has survived the years, the rain, and most of all…Hurricane Maria. They were at mom’s house with all of my manga.

So yes, the answer is Harry Potter.


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