Geek Out Challenge – Day 10

Today’s post is probably going to be a great walk down nostalgia lane. I have to admit though that Megan’s answer was great and you can check it out here. Reminder, you can join us at any time through her blog. She’ll also be posting up a master post with all 30 questions on August 31st for you to join at a later date.

And now onto today’s prompt!

Day 10 – Favorite movie (or movie series)?

Oh, that’s easy. Heck, if you asked my housemate he’d probably say ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ or ‘The Producers’ (which I’ve been dying to see again for like 2 years now). As a last possible option, he’ll say this one…

And he’d be right.

Addams Family Values and The Addams Family are by far my favorite movies. I love watching them when I’m too anxious and I’m always upset when they’re taken off streaming services I use.

Addams Family Values is the one I watch the most out of the two. Raúl Juliá shines as Gomez. I’ve said it many times he was taken from us too soon. Heck, my favorite Pizza Place is owned by his family. I absolutely love going there. I can’t wait to go back again.

Moving on, back to the movie. There were a lot of jokes I enjoyed about this movie as a child and as I got older, the jokes that I didn’t get were also amazing. I absolutely enjoyed catching a lot of new things every time I watched the movie.

Now it doesn’t happen but I end up reciting most of the dialogue. This movie does wonders for me on bad anxiety days. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it. I should probably watch it this weekend.

My favorite character in this movie is honestly, Gomez. I absolutely agree. I just love how Raúl overacts and how expressive he is. Joan as Debbie was the perfect antagonist and she has some of the best lines in the movie.

I love these movies. These are something you need to watch in order to understand me sometimes. Now I’m going to grab some lunch and watch the movies. Because I absolutely deserve it.


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