Geek Out Challenge – Day 5

I’m back with another Geek Out Challenge post! Just a little reminder, if you’d like to join in on the fun, you can head on over to Megan’s blog to check on today’s prompt and the ones she’s posted so far. I loved her challenge idea and decided to join in on the fun.

Day 5 – What is the geekiest thing you’ve ever done?

I didn’t want to echo Megan’s answer but honestly? Fanfic writing. I started with Yu-Gi-Oh! back in middle school. I talked about this in my first fandom post. I spent so much time, so much of my imagination was invested in this.

I spent AGES just writing scenes. It was pretty disruptive actually. I used to have two notebooks. One for scenes and one for class. My teachers got so upset that they called me out whenever they saw me having two notebooks on my desk. My Biology teacher especially.

From then on, I’d just go ahead and write scenes with my class notes. I remember going home and reviewing them. My imagination is so vast at times I’d write the same scene twice. If it wasn’t because of different points of view, I’d just write another idea I’d had for that same scene.

That’s actually a practice I still have. I really enjoy having pen and paper on me when I write my scenes or start ideas. It’s part of the reason I have so many lined inserts in my TN. So I can go ahead and write a scene in there whenever I feel like it.

I even had a system for it too. I would color-code them depending on the ship I was working on for a scene. I still am pretty serious about my scenes to this day.

I’ve written maybe two to three versions of a certain fan fiction because I kept having ‘what if?’ ideas. I still haven’t finished the third version. I did add to it recently.

That’s basically the geekiest I get. I write fanfiction. Heck, I even opened commissions. I did get two done! Haven’t gotten any since. Oh well!


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