Geek Out Challenge: Day 4

Hey fam! Back with another Geek Out Challenge post! The lovely Megan has already answered the prompt she revealed for the day over on her blog. You can check it out right over here!

Day 4 – What was your worst convention experience?

Oh, that’s easy. I mean, I can’t tell you which year exactly since the whole convention scene isn’t that great. Puerto Rico Comic Con is the closest thing to a convention we have out here and honestly? It’s not all that great.

Over the last couple of years, the quality has generally wilted. It feels more like a flea market to contain goods that don’t always look official. There is also copious amount of price gouging on goods. Since K-pop has become way more popular here than it is before, what seems to be the last Spec’s Music in the entire planet is charging way too much for K-pop goods. Albums practically cost the double what they would be in sites like YesAsia.

Their guests are sometimes hit and miss. For example, this year, the line was considerably longer for a VA that will not be named while it was stupid empty for the fabulous John DiMaggio. I got his autograph and I got to talk to him a little bit. I very much enjoyed it but I hated the fact that I missed his panel.

That’s the other thing, PRCC doesn’t always have full panels. The panels that are full for the most part are widely advertised ones in the ballroom or the VA ones that are done in smaller rooms. The VA panels are usually full because of the fans who are aware that this is their best chance at seeing a Voice Actor they love without having to travel to the US.

I walked through PRCC this year and I saw a few friends in various booths. I loved going through Artist’s Alley this year but it was empty. So many people surrounding merch and ignoring artists. I also felt so alone. I hated it.

After going to VidCon last year, going to PRCC this year totally reminded me that conventions here are never going to be the experience they are in the US…and I’m not going to go next year. Not worth it. I’ll just go back to VidCon instead.


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