Geek Out Challenge: Day 3

Just a friendly little reminder, I’m joining Megan with her Geek Out Challenge. Every day she’s posting a prompt question until the 31st, when she’s releasing them all in a blog post. You can find her answer for today’s prompt right here.

Day 3 – What was your favorite convention experience?

Oh. I have a hands down question for this one. For sure, no experience has come close to this one.

VidCon last year. It was my first time ever travelling to a convention in the US. I really wanted to go to Japan for my 30th birthday but I never managed to afford anything for it. This one I saw an opportunity and I seized it.

I was so happy I did.

I had been friends with almost all of these people online for the last few years and this was the first time we met in person. Stream Fam is freaking amazing and I can’t wait to continue meeting the rest of them in years to come. I love all of these amazing individuals.

I honestly was a little anxious at first, it wasn’t just about meeting these people for the first time. It was a lot more than that. This was my first convention in the US. I knew these kinds of things were vastly bigger than anything I’d ever experienced here in Puerto Rico. This was exciting and nerve-wrecking all at the same time.

The journey there was long but once I arrived at Anaheim, I felt like I was at peace. I loved it. I wanted to go out and explore but I had a limited budget. We managed to make it to Downtown Disney and caught up on movies we hadn’t been able to see in Puerto Rico.

There was so much to do at VidCon, so much to see! Since this was a convention that centered around YouTubers and content creation, there were a lot of interesting booths. There was obviously a bunch of sponsored booths from Viacom, like the Nickelodeon booth. There was also the Nerf area where we got to play with Wes.

Carlos, me and SG!

I went to every single one of my meet and greets, including the Markiplier one, which was the one I was most looking forward to. This man and Smosh Fam did so much for me during Hurricane Maria recovery. Their content kept me sane, it was a connection to the outside world where I had limited access to. My friends kept checking up on me, making sure I was holding up okay and I hadn’t even met them at that point!

VidCon was a huge turning point in my life and I was saddened that I couldn’t afford to make it this year. I’m really trying to make it for 2020. I want to see my Fam again, I want us to eat at BCD like last year so we can poke fun at my chopsticks game. Get a massive group hug after dinner and just enjoy the crazy, chaotic fun that VidCon is all about.

So yes, this was my best convention experience. I got to go through it with my best friend and finally meet in person a group of people that really are beacons of light in my life.

I can’t wait to go back.

2 thoughts on “Geek Out Challenge: Day 3

  1. It totally shows that you were so happy and the glow as well 🙂
    Hopefully it might happen again

    god do I need that feeling again……so badly 😦

    it’s gotten so bad that I’ve forgotten how to feel that way


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