The Anxious Side of the Revolution

July 24th, 2019. That day is going to live in infamy. It’s going to be a date for the history books in Puerto Rico.

After twelve nights of protests, Ricardo Roselló resigned as governor. It will be effective August 2nd at 5:00 pm. There’s going to be a party to be had that night. The fight doesn’t stop there though. We’re aiming to clean house and get rid of all the corruption.

Documents have started to leak incriminating Wanda Vazquez, the woman who would be Governor if nobody is named Secretary of State in PR within the next week. This is fantastic because she’s another one that was on the collective list of corrupt officials Puerto Ricans wanted to remove from office.

These last couple of days have been hell for my anxiety. It was tense, especially as 11:00 pm drew near on days of massive protests. Tear gas made its way into my apartment more times than I’d ever expected to encounter it in my life. Three times too many.

Yesterday, before the Governor’s address, it was one of the most stressful moments of my life. I couldn’t sit still. I was fidgeting, trying to get distracted. I turned off my phone and stayed away from social media for a few hours but it was too hard. I couldn’t stay in the dark but I couldn’t stay glued to the media.

As more patrols gathered outside in riot gear, some armed with Less Lethal weapons, the tension thickened. It was absolutely concerning that something was going to go wrong. The hours ticked by and the Governor’s address just wasn’t happening. The press was at his fortress for hours, kept away from everything.

If you want some of the best reporting you’ve ever seen in your damn life, definitely check out David Begnaud’s feeds. This man has done some amazing reporting in the last two weeks. He also practically lived Hurricane Maria’s recovery with us. There is no journalist I’d rather trust with reporting what’s going on here to the world. He should still be around Old San Juan for the next few days as things continue to unfold.

Once Ricky said he resigned last night, a lot of my anxiety over this situation left. The march continues however. Things cannot progress if we keep letting corrupt officials stay in positions of power. This is a new dawn for the island and all eyes are on us.

We can do this. I have the faith in a united Puerto Rico. Things are going to look different now.

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