Hopping Back into Overwatch

I got Overwatch last year at some point during a Humble Bundle monthly sale. I’d been trying to get into the game for years but it was never very affordable for me. Carlos would hear me complain constantly about wanting to get it for myself so I could play something on my own.

I randomly pick it up, put it down, and repeat.

I try to play during each event. There’s always a skin, an emote, or a highlight intro clip that I want to get. Ever since Ashe was introduced, even more so. I’ve only missed one of her limited skins and I wasn’t able to get it during the anniversary event either.

I’ll be honest and say I haven’t bought a single lootbox in the time I’ve played. I’ve been severely tempted to however. Especially since there are times where I just don’t want to play but I just am not motivated enough.

The other day I got six purple across two boxes and I was a little dumbfounded. I got my second orange of the event today and it was a Reaper skin. I occasionally play Reaper. However, I am vastly more fond of D.Va and Ashe. I am trying to play around with more characters to add a little more variety to my play-style but it’s a learning process. Heck, as much as I enjoy playing Tracer, I still have a hard time getting the hang of her.

I’ve gotten quite a few PoTGs more recently as D.Va and I feel so proud of myself. The other night I got three almost in a row. That was a huge boost to my confidence, made me feel powerful, reminding me that I can be good at games.

(I don’t want to be political tonight, today’s march was so impressive though.)

Tomorrow the weekly event rewards reset, so I’ll probably hold off on playing tonight to get my nine wins in arcade with the nine wins needed for this week’s skin.

I’m also somehow getting the hang of Lucío ball? Don’t ask me how, I can’t play him normally anyway.

Regardless, Overwatch is fun, can’t wait to get my wins this week. I need those Hanxo and Torb skins!

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