Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (Part 1)

So, I have some backstory. I played this game initially in the Xbox 360 a good bunch of years ago. I didn’t get to finish it because between moving from one apartment to another(because of personal situations), I didn’t get to finish the game.

As I mentioned in my catch-up post, it was recently my birthday. I was losing my mind over the Steam sale and all the games I wanted to buy so I could play them. Yeah, a lot of the time I’m consumed in co-op play with Carlos but I do have time to do what I want. I got fixated on wanting the re-release of Vesperia because I never finished the original game.

Vesperia was one of those games that I got because of a Voice Actor. I will be very real about this. Back in those days I was just trying to find stuff to play on the 360 and picked up a bunch of stuff on sale at GameStop and/or EB Games. I did some research on RPGS and the actors I loved at the time. Crispin Freeman for his work in Eureka 7 was one of them. I picked up ‘Eternal Sonata’ because of him and never finished it because both games had terrible direction in their voice acting. I just couldn’t deal. Oh! There was also that bridge crossing where every couple of steps I’d have a cutaway to a cut-scene. NOPE. NEVER AGAIN.

I won’t talk about Abyss here because I will probably end up hijacking this post to talk about the game. It took a while to find a functioning copy of Vesperia. It was kind of like that hunt I had for an Xbox 360 copy of Portal 2 a few years ago. Anyway, I loved Troy Baker for his work on a bunch of things before, so I was already optimistic about Vesperia.

I tried to make this backstory shorter, I did.

A friend heard my plight and my conflict because of how badly I wanted the game and that night on Steam while I was playing another game I might review, I was gifted the game.

I couldn’t put it down for a week as I plowed through the content to try and get back to where I remembered being so I could embrace the new stuff. That was a ride. Every time I got somewhere that I had hazy memories of, I thought I’d arrived to the new stuff. Boy was I wrong a lot of the time.

Heck, I thought I was sure I stopped after a certain Boss and then I checked my 360 achievements. I still can’t wrap my head around how I got to Zagi four times when I don’t even remember being on the Heracles.


I totally meant to start reviewing the game in this post but I ended up just going full backstory and not a lot of context. I’ll admit though, I’ve had a lot of fun in this play-through. Since I realized that I got a bunch of skins to play around with, I spent a good chunk of the game as this…

*silently hopes for a Tales of the Abyss remaster with Yuri Lowenthall back*


Anyway, the next post will actually hold a review of the game, I promise.

Now back into Vesperia I goooooo~!


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