The Days After…

Last Wednesday night was stressful but I survived. There are so many different words for what happened that night. I know where to begin too now after all this has happened.

I’ve had it with this government. I’ve had it with being lied to, valuable resources put to waste, and so many other things. Since Hurricane Maria, when I said that supplies were needed…a lot of stuff didn’t come to the people. I only got help from people who donated to me directly and through my last employer. They gave me a bunch of supplies to survive with. Granted, I can no longer eat Chef Boyardee without puking it.

After Wednesday’s strike, things have been much calmer. I haven’t had any more tear gas slip through into my apartment. The only squabble I heard last night was some guy in the plaza. The crowds there managed to shove him off and shut him down.

Throughout the day, a lot of people have been shuffling into Old San Juan. I on the other hand, have been dealing with a massive headache all day. I haven’t really felt like doing anything.

My mental health has been all over the place in the last nine days since this started happening. Ricky needs to resign, he needs to go. The corruption in this island has to stop. Things have to change from here on out.

The thing is, next election is absolutely crucial. We can’t just go ahead and ‘vote’ for the reds as it has happened in years prior. We need to pay attention to the candidate’s platforms and what works best for us. Due to our placement, we should ideally look into solar power, getting rid of unsightly light posts and take our wiring underground. Yes, it’s expensive, but that’s where the recovery money should have gone in the first place honestly.

On Monday is the other big strike. Let’s see how that one plays out. Ricky needs to resign and he cannot take a pension our our money with him. He can’t do this to us anymore. We’re done with him. We’re done with the corruption.

I don’t want things to be ‘back to normal’, I want this to be over so we can move on and up. Move forward with the things we have to bring forth and change. We are capable of change, we are completely capable of making our voice heard. These strikes/protests are the proof.

Now it’s a matter of them resigning so we can move forward and progress. Oh, and more exposure of the deeply set corruption so we can warn the ones responsible that this is unacceptable.


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