FF: Breaktrough!

We had a double dose of Twice music video releases this week but I’m going to talk about the one that has been absolutely driving me insane.

Twice’s ‘Breakthrough’


I love this, I love it almost as much as I love ‘Fancy’. I’m still bopping to that way too much actually. I’m almost done learning the whole dance but not the point. The song is a little more on the ‘mature’ side, as opposed to the other single ‘Happy Happy’ which is just the really cute side of the spectrum.


I think one of the things I enjoyed in this video aside from the dance routine, is the fact that we hear Momo in her natural range. I always thing she raises her pitch when she’s singing in Korean. In this song it sounds way more natural. This is refreshing. I just wish she’d gotten more lines in this song.


Can we talk about Jihyo’s sudden GLOW UP!? Like DAYUM. I’ve always been Momo and Sana biased but here we go with Jihyo bias-wrecking up in this music video. Her voice isn’t as shrilly until she hits the ‘Breakthrough’ repeats. I’m mostly used to it at this point. Her voice shrills in most choruses. I really wish JYP would let her kill it in her range and stop making her go high.

The dance is great, pretty to the point and after a few watches I actually have a hold on some of the leg movements in the chorus. That I call progress.

Out of Twice’s Japanese releases this is definitely very high up on the list on their original songs. I really hope they stop with the self-covers as B-sides and give us more original tracks. At this point, they’ve caught up though so now it’s just a matter of wait and see.

Should you listen to ‘Breakthrough’? In my opinion, yeah, it’s a bop. Definitely give it a shot.

Now I’m going to go listen to some more K-pop. Yesung looks like he’s about to drop a BOMB tune next week and I’m just counting down the days until we get to hear his lovely voice again.

Until next time!

(credits to twuce on tumblr for the gif header/thumbnail photo)


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