The Games of My Life: Tetris

I know I’m surprisingly active this month. Talking about the games I’ve played throughout my life is actually a lot of fun. Especially when it opens up to discussion of other people’s experiences with these games. It makes me happy.

I remember playing Tetris a lot as a kid. It was always a battle between dad and I to see who had Game Boy privileges at any given time we happened to have down time together. My dad loved the added challenge mode and would play it on level nine.

I think I saw that rocket launch way more than I can remember. The first time was exciting. All that wonder I watched it soar. These kinds of achievements have a lot of power when you’re an impressionable child.

There were so many attempts to try and do it myself. Unlike dad, I’d start the challenge mode at level one because I need to play my way up. If I was close to death, I’d go over to dad if he was home so he’d finish it for me.

I have a lot of fond memories of this game. It was my first handheld game after all.

What was your first handheld game? Is it Tetris like me? I’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “The Games of My Life: Tetris

  1. First Handheld game was also Tetris,then Mario Land,Spider-Man,Metroid 2,Beetlejuice,NBA All-Star Challenge Malibu Beach Volleyball…Pokemon Yellow…

    Good times indeed 🙂


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