Microsoft @ E3 Reactions

I kinda lost my mind with Keanu being there. That’s pretty much it. That’s the post.

I’m kidding.

I got excited seeing all of these new games. Everything looks promising, inclusive. I absolutely got excited with way too many titles.

The new ‘Tales’ game got me way too excited. I have been a fan of these games for years, save for Legendia. That I will address in another post entirely. ‘Tales of the Abyss’ is one of my favorite games and I mourn the loss of my 3DS because I can’t play it anymore. I’m hoping that there can be a switch remaster or something.

Moving on, there was the Gears 5 teaser that gave absolutely nothing away. Which was great! I can’t wait for a more official trailer down the road. Same goes with the new Halo, which will launch with Project Scarlet. Something else to look forward to later on.

Cyberpunk having Keanu in the game and in real life stole most of the conference, let’s be real.

Seeing the Minecraft dungeon crawler got me excited. We finally see Battletoads footage. The new Ori game looks stunning. We had so many games announced/revealed.

I was subbed to Xbox Game Pass but I had to cancel it due to budget constraints. I will be resubbing again as soon as I can to enjoy the added PC benefits and to be able to play more games on launch than I can afford.

This E3 looks like great fun so far. Bethesda hasn’t shown much new stuff so far so I’m just focusing my energies on Ubi tomorrow afternoon. Even if I’m at work. I will BE INFORMED.

What’s got you excited so far?


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