Fangirl Fridays: HE’S BACK!


Henry is my favorite. I’ve said that when it comes to Super Junior as the core group, I love Donghae. When you added the sub-unit members though, Henry always came out on top.

This guy won me over in my first SJM comeback. The ‘Super Girl’ mini album. I love that song and I sometimes replay it too much. He was(IS) adorable, cheeky, and I couldn’t help myself but just completely fawn over this guy.

Seeing and meeting him in SMTown 2011 was another thing altogether.

Moving on, he said in a KTLA interview that he’s releasing an ALBUM this summer and I can’t wait. If this single is any indication of what awaits me, I am in 100%. The song is refreshing, showcases his artistic ability and it’s so smooth to listen to.

This man is precious. SO PRECIOUS.

His voice has improved so much from his last single. Yeah, ‘Hey bro’ was a promotional thing and it was a great product. The thing is, his last real single proper was ‘Monster’. That song was released in THREE languages! Each version has a different meaning/interpretation though that’s not the point of this post.

That high note at that last chorus was so good. SO GOOD. I was trying to control myself from screaming in excitement. Back a few years ago, during ‘Maxstep’, I lost my mind and screeched when I saw he had the high note.

I’m so happy to keep seeing his growth with every new release he puts out. Henry’s been growing into his sound and he looks mighty fine while doing so. The new album can’t come soon enough.

Until next time fam!


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