New Ghost Recon, Excitement Not Contained

I loved Ghost Recon Wildlands. It was an amazing game that I was sad to finish. Then they started adding DLCs that didn’t really interest me much because of the progression being stunted to the main game. What was the point of me playing the DLC if I have to start over again with another character? Especially after all the time I invested with Carlos to finish the main campaign.

He and I regretted getting the rebels to max level. They were all over the map in the last part, making it super annoying to get to the end.

I did enjoy the fact that the game had multiple endings. It really added a bit of depth to an otherwise mostly removed story. The game had a few cutscenes and mostly just random dialogue. I enjoyed watching the Intel videos more than most of the story in the game.

There was just a great level of ingenuity in some of the missions. I think one of the funniest moments we had(aside from Carlos riding off with a tractor in the beta), was when we had to spy on someone with the drones and kept getting caught. Carlos and I spent the longest time trying to figure out how to get into the room and it was SO easy at the end of it all.

If I recall correctly, the game bugged out and instead of what we were supposed to record, one of the characters was off placement so the couple looked like they were fucking alone. Each in their own corner.

Ah, those were the days.

Obviously, we’re playing it on PC. The fact that the game is even coming out in like FIVE(!!!) months is a huge deal. I was hoping we’d see a sequel to Wildlands this year. Gut instinct was telling me we’d see it in E3, not this early. I was expecting the formal announcement when I got the email the other night. Half an hour of beautiful previews with alpha footage.

ALSO, RAIDS!? HOLY CRAP. We’ve already got a Division 2 raid coming soon, now this game’s gonna have one too!? NEAR A VOLCANO?!


I’m so excited. Now I gotta figure out how I can preorder.

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