Some Family Fun Times

I meant to post this a few days ago but I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep. Been very exhausted lately, can’t figure out exactly why. I’ve been doing a little better in the last couple of days.

This last weekend my family came to visit. They came up and we had a picnic of sorts at El Morro. There was so much breeze I actually was cold. We joked around, played some board games, snacked, and had a great time. I really loved having them around.

We went for dinner at a place I absolutely love and should totally blog about Bluefin Scratch Kitchen. Their food is so good. They have this bacon truffle mac and cheese burger that I crave every couple of days because it’s good.

That was after it got dark though. I mean, seeing this…

I really freaking sweet. I should definitely come up there for sunsets every now and then. It’s just that once I’m out of work, I want to go home.

On Sunday, a good friend came by to visit and we popped over to Himalaya Ice Co for some ice cream rolls. We walked all the way down to the docks. There was a lot of Pokémon catching involved. Since I live close to seawater and the Equator, Corsola is a Pokémon I’m able to catch every now and then.

It was a great, long walk. I got a lot out of my chest and we had a great time catching up. Hopefully, Luis pops by more often. He’s always a riot to have around. We always have a good laugh when we see each other.

This week shows a lot of interesting things coming up. What with the Ghost Recon announcement tomorrow(which I’ll probably blog about my excitement if it is what I think it is…WILDLANDS SEQUEL *squee*) and Henry a single tomorrow too. YES FINALLY. He got the FF spot this week. I was going to go to something old again but I cannot, CANNOT, skip out on fangirling about my best K-pop boy.

Next week is EXID’s last comeback as a group for a while, duh. 😛

This weekend was good. I’m happy. I have a Henry release to look forward to tomorrow and things look like they’re looking up. This is very good.


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