Fangirl Fridays: Fancy~ Ooh!

This week’s edition of Fangirl Fridays will not feature an oldie, next week’s might. This week I’m going to go off a bit about Twice’s ‘Fancy’.

Here’s the deal. I LIVE for that ‘post hook’. Heck, if I could make it my ringtone I would. Now, the actual chorus isn’t all that catchy. I’ll agree with the people that say that it feels like Nayeon and Jihyo are screaming at me when we get to that part. It’s frustrating because that’s not even Jihyo’s natural pitch.

I’ve mentioned this to close friends that I’d love to see someone other than Nayeon get a ton of lines. I guess it’s because I’m tired of hearing her most of the time. Gimme more Momo and Sana! Or you know, Jihyo in her actual range.

The video is really stunning and for a moment, I felt like I’ve seen this before. I was right.

I didn’t put it together initially because it’s been a while since I’ve seen this track or heard this song. It’s my most underplayed E-Girls song. Honestly, I prefer a bunch of their other tracks before(talking about E-girls here. You should definitely check out ‘Showtime’, ‘Rydeen’, or ‘Dance with me now’, MUCH better.) this one.

Back to ‘Fancy’. The song is most definitely a ‘grower’ especially since the fantastic Post-hook sounds a little out of place with the rest of the song. The lack of ad-libs at the end also leave you a little confused when the song ends. You’re stuck feeling like there’s still song left that went missing somewhere in between.

However, the dance is really on point. I’ve seen the recording of their V-Live dance performance and honestly, that’s what sold the song. Of course, it still feels like Nayeon and Jihyo are screaming at me in the chorus but that’s a story for another day.

Should you listen to this? It’s entirely up to you. Do listen to it more than once to be able to give it a fair chance. I however, will be trying to add this dance to the never-ending list of routines I want to learn.

Yet again.


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