The Fruits Basket Effect

Some more backstory for you about me. I got into anime and manga in my teenage years. I really don’t remember why I picked it up. I just know that I was browsing Borders(RIP) and that manga called out to me. It’s a blur during those years so I can’t tell you if I started Bleach and Naruto before or after my first purchases.

So when the new series was confirmed after years of fake announcements, I lost my mind. The whole cast came back from the original Dub(which I liked) so that was an even easier sell.

The manga was one of the first ones I read during High School. I got really involved in it and shared it with a close friend. She and I loved it, but then Borders closed when the volumes were still coming out.

I remember that I read the ending later, when I was in college. It ended in 2006 in Japan but life got in the way. Along with a bunch of other things happening at the same time. I went online and read the ending…tears welled up in my eyes.

I distinctly remember it being longer but I was wrong. Then again, ‘Skip Beat’ has so many chapters I’m kinda frightened to get back into it. I did enjoy it a lot actually when I first started it.

Anyway, Fruits Basket. I was debating whether to read the manga again after all these years but after much prodding from friends, I decided to go back. I spent all of last night reading. I ended up going to bed at 3 am reading this manga and cursing the onion ninjas for making me cry. It’s been a really long time since I obsessively read something.

That’s the Fruits Basket effect man. Now I’m just itching for Friday so I can see the next episode of this nostalgia filled, tear-ridden journey. Here we go back in the hole again!

2 thoughts on “The Fruits Basket Effect

  1. Fruits Basket was also one of my first mangas in high school. When I saw there was an anime revamp I nearly died from happiness!


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