Fangirl Fridays: DANGER!


So, my first group was TVXQ but then SuJu stole my heart. I’ve said a lot about how much I love these boys various times on this blog so I’ll spare you the whole spiel and just talk about their new song. They dropped this last Sunday after BTS dropped their spring BOP on Friday.

Donghae and Eunhyuk’s last comeback was really sweet and cute. This is a total 180 to that image. I live for this. Because with drastic image changes from one album to another, it also means that the sound is going to match.

I was not disappointed. I mean, the audio teaser was longer than any other album highlight medley I’ve seen. It gave me a fantastic idea of what the full-length track would be like. This is harder electronic sounds, giving me just a little bit of Bonamana somewhere in the beat. I’m not against it actually, the song is almost ten years old at this point.

The rest of the album is pretty solid. I would’ve preferred instead of ‘If You’ from their Japanese releases something more fitting with the sound vibe. I mean, ‘Sunrise’ is also way too happy for what ‘Danger’ represents as a whole. ‘Skeleton’ would’ve been a much better cohesive fit sound-wise.

Granted, it’s not too much like the rest of the album’s sound but to me it would make more sense. This song was released way back in 2014 as a single. I spent a while trying to figure out another song from their Japanese releases that could fit but I kept coming up with blanks. I would’ve preferred new tracks instead of Japanese rehashes. Then again, I make an exception with ‘Love that I Need’ with Henry. The Korean version is much better.

Moving on, this definitely makes a fantastic entry into the Super Junior releases of the year. We’ve got Heechul releasing something next week too. Inevitably when Kyuhyun comes back from his service we’ll get either a solo or full SJ comeback. I’m ready.


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