Fangirl Fridays: Boy With Luv


I’ll probably keep celebrating the 100s until I get to 500. Then I’ll just wing it. Anyway, onto the matter at hand.


I was expecting something different considering how the intro sounded. That I will admit. However, I love the sound of this track. From the teasers to this track, it’s cohesive. It’s absolutely wonderful to listen to. The guys all shine here. Unlike ‘Idol’ this track has a more ‘chill’ vine. It’s not a ‘JUMP UP AND DANCE’ anthem, which is fine!

They’re all dorks. No exceptions.

Halsey sounds great too, I do hear her more in the actual song and not so much in the music video. Halsey notes that was purposely done this way. I wish we got a verse though! Regardless, they all meld so cute together in the MV. Especially that little moment between her and Namjoon.


The sets are out of this world. Everything is so beautifully contained in this universe. I’m not one to theorize much in BTS videos so…I’ve got nothing in that regard. I’m just here admiring how cute they all look. Also, the song is super catchy. I looped it a few times before going to listen to the rest of the album.

This was a MOMENT.

I’m very happy that the guys have stuck true to their sound, their vibe. It’s a refreshing track. It’s so cute, fitting to the season, and I absolutely lovely. I’m looking forward to the performance tomorrow in SNL. I’m wondering which other track they’re going to perform. I haven’t been able to pick up a favorite track off the album to say that I want to see it. ‘Mikrokosmos’ has my vote even after only listening to it once.

The boys are back and I love it. I can’t wait to loop this album some more. If anyone’s interested in a full review I can try to work it out.

How about you? Got a favorite moment from the music video? I’d love to hear it!


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