First off…



Okay, ya. I’ll stop. Eunhae dropped their highlight medley for their upcoming mini album and I’ve lost my mind.


I love these two. Seeing them together live in SMTown NY back in the day was great with the whole group. They release quality music together. This goes just beyond Korea too. They have a great catalog of Japanese tunes as well. Two of their most recent tracks are actually getting Korean releases and I’m not mad at it. They’re actually solid.

The title track, “Danger”, sounds like a bop. I am excited for this song already. The music teaser gave us so little. Then you hear this unusually long highlight medley, seriously. It’s nearly six minutes. Most K-pop release medleys are about two minutes and thirty seconds at the most, but they’re usually under that mark. I’m in shock we got so much time from them.

I feel spoiled actually.

I can’t wait to see this music video. I can’t wait for this whole album to drop. I wish, wish, I could buy this album but I can’t afford it. I want to add this to my collection. I haven’t been able to get a single EunHae album since ‘Ride Me’. Yeah, their first Japanese album. I love that album so much.

Okay, fangirl time done for the night. I just had to squee and write about how much I loved this. I really hope I get to see them again someday soon.


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