A small ramble as 200 posts loom closer…

I’m so close to 200 total posts on the blog, I can almost taste it. With this one I am just four away for it. I mean, it’s not really a big deal I guess? To me however, it is. This year is the first time in a long time I’ve taken a writing project seriously. I mean, I was really excited about my novel on Wattpad…then I gave up on updating it. I shouldn’t have though because I have someone who I left hanging as she wanted more.

I promise Sol, I WILL update it! I have at least one more chapter lying around in a document somewhere. I just need to plan the rest of the stuff and maybe not wing it.

It’s been a complicated few years as I try to discover myself and what I want to do with this space. I wanted to make an album review blog, which is evidenced by the one of the (if not the first post) on this blog. I did it again a few years later with a Dancing Dolls single too. More recently, I wrote about the ‘Replay’ repackage. Hard to believe that came out last year.

I don’t have the money to keep up that habit. It’s expensive to buy albums when I have to adult on a bunch of other stuff first. I do hope to have something going soon to be able to afford something like that. I love opening a new album. The anticipation of what photo card I’m going to get is always thrilling.

I’m eager for the new Super Junior DnE album because I love those two. They always put out quality product. I’m eager for the new BTS album, if I manage to afford it, it’d be my first.

I could keep on rambling but the subject matter of that ramble is something that should be best left for another post. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually write that one up as well for this week.


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