Fangirl Fridays: Cool

So this week’s Fangirl Fridays took forever to decide. I finally settled on ‘Cool’ by the Jonas Brothers.

Yes! YES!

They have graced us with another bop. This one is definitely way more chill than the last song. It’s a stark contrast from ‘Sucker’ but I have to admit, I love it. The references to nods in their previous tracks or their lives is a great touch in the lyrics. (Nick Jonas singing ‘red dress’ again after all these years and Joe mentioning ‘Game of Thrones’ is ICONIC).

I think one of the best parts of this track is how different it sounds. It’s not what I expected from them, and frankly I love them for it. The video definitely sells this track so much more.

I don’t usually have fond memories of being buried in the sand but this is funny.

It’s them being dorks, which is what we’ve known about them for years. Everything in the video fits the vibe. I really love how this strange ‘Miami Vice’ theme fit with this song so well. It’s the different kind of tropical getaway. Not the one full of parties, a relaxing, lay back type of getaway.

The teasers totally threw me off a little but of what I was expecting. Screaming ‘COOL’ in a quiet room will do that to you. I texted my sister ‘They sound like parrots. BRING IT.’

I was not disappointed. It’s refreshing to hear this laid back sound from them. Makes me feel ‘cool’. Oh yeah, I went there.

I do have a music taste outside of K-pop. It’s just extremely limited since I don’t really listen to the radio nowadays. It’s like my music taste halted somewhere in the 2000s when I discovered J-pop.

Not the point of the post. ANYWAY. This song is great, refreshing. Music Video is really funny and showcases the boys in their natural environment. This gets me even more excited for whatever comes next. I can’t wait for more Jonas Brothers in this 2019.

Now off to play Divison 2. Patch is live!


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