World Tier 5 is Just Around The Corner

I’m not kidding. World Tier 5 drops TOMORROW. I can’t believe it. The game has been out barely a month and we’re getting a nice content update this week. I’m very much looking forward to it.

I’ve already made no plans for this weekend. My only plan is to make it to max gear score so I can jam to K-pop while farming around with Carlos and Marcel. My computer’s case was upgraded this weekend by Carlos. It looks so lovely, I can’t even.

Of course I went full blue with everything. It goes with the hair. It’s also my favorite color. The case is this one and everything fits in nicely. Carlos, being a perfectionist with computers, had to make sure this was working 100%.

I’m having minor crashes that I can’t figure out with Division 2. I’m hoping that tomorrow’s patch will help out with some of them. Most of all, I want to see what that apparel event that they talked about in the State of the Game is all about. Of course, they also should go ahead and fix how clothes look on the female models because it’s not very flattering.

I was also up in arms this week about what Fangirl Fridays was going to be because I had a preliminary schedule. I’m not going to be able to keep this week’s after much thought though. I’ll probably go into full details about this at another time. I’m sold on the idea of it being IZ*ONE but it all hinges on the Jonas Brother’s new song that comes out tonight. Yes, that’s still a thing with me.

Anyway, I’ll come back to a Division 2 post after playing around with the new patch. I’m enjoying the game plenty. I promise on more variety soon. It’s just been a rough couple of weeks.

Until next time fam!


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