Fangirl Fridays: NAMJOOOOOOOON


BTS is coming back on April 12. I’ve stated this before and media has been reporting it all over the place. Their comeback performance is the next night on SNL. Yes, of all places they’re preforming their comeback track on Saturday Night Live. I’m still in shock about all this.

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting this to drop until maybe next week. But, this is BTS. They just randomly surprise us and blow it all out of the water. There were a couple of releases on that same day though. KARD dropped ‘Bomb Bomb’ which is a BOP. IZ*ONE (YAAAAAAAAS) dropped their MV teaser after releasing their highlight medley the other day. There’s more but these next few months are the crazy ones. So…let’s do this.


I don’t know where to even begin with all of this. Namjoon was my first bias in this group so, he holds a place near and dear to my heart. J-Hope is my ultimate bias in BTS. That’s not the point though. The point is that THIS is a Namjoon intro.

This man is just incredible at what he does. He puts his all in what he works. I admire his commitment to everything he does. Also, that dimple is a lady-killer. Not acquitted either. (I did sneak in that Addams Family Value reference, don’t care)

He is constantly delivering here. Non-stop and straight to the point. The lyrics showcase what the message of this album is going to be about. Not to mention, making a few references to other things within the fandom world that relate.

(I took this of tumblr and now I can’t find the user to give credit T_T)

I think that one of the biggest call outs that he makes is to “But Namjoon”. I never use this in a negative light. I start going off about the other members being cute. Then I stop because something catches my eye. I scream “BUT NAMJOON”, and start fangirling.

I love this comeback trailer. The comeback trailers that they have released over the years have been amazing. I’ve run into the problem where I can’t consume them all in one sitting. I have to pause the video because life gets in the way and then come back to it later. This one went right to the point; I loved it for that. This will probably be the most replayed intro out of all of them. It’ll probably be tied with J-Hope’s “Boy Meets Evil” though. Let’s be honest.

(same with this gif)

This song has hyped me up so much for their comeback. I can’t wait until April 12th gets here. Also, I can’t believe April is here already. Holy crap.

Oh and I also want the issue of Entertainment Weekly they’re on but that one’s gonna be hard to find.


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