Some More About Division 2

So I’ve already finished the first act of Division 2. I ran through Capitol Hill on Friday and yesterday was spent going through the invaded missions to get my gear score up. The second stronghold is within reach to move onto the next world tier. I ended up going to Demolitionist because as much as I wanted the Assault rifle boost, I’m not using them. I miss the bigger clip sizes from the last game. The weapon mods in this game really need to be reworked.

For example, I gain +20% stability but then I lose -10% accuracy, but then I can add another mod that gives me +20% accuracy at the cost of -10% stability. See where I’m going with this? At the end of the day I’ve only made a 10% gain on each stat because of this. In reality, in this game going for higher accuracy is better because I play with a mouse. On the other hand you lose other stats that really make more sense for armor.

I’m resting at World Tier 2 and tonight Division 2 takes a backseat for my to finish the Fortnite Love Storm event. I’m a lot behind. It was left on the back burner because Divison 2 came out.

I’ve been having rough couple of days. There’s a draft that I started last week that I haven’t bothered to finish. Words have been added, words have been taken away and I’ll get to it eventually. Not today.

I would apologize for being so sporadic with my posts but I’ve been trying to post more regularly than in the last few years combined. Improvements have been made. I just need to keep going.

Back to Division 2. The story concluded great but then obviously the endgame content kicked in. Black Tusk being around explains a couple of plot points. I can finally hear the encrypted tapes, which are form Black Tusk. These are as dark as the rest of the story.

I’m still missing Keener tapes. I can’t wait to find the rest and hope we have more information as to where the heck he went…he’s probably not going to give us anything though. That’s the thrill of it too. I enjoy the lore in this game too much.

I do hope I get my heroes tonight. I’m not as huge on collecting things in this game unlike some people I know but I do want Anti-Cuddle Sarah. The event ends on Wednesday and we’re right there to finish it thankfully. Off to Fornite I go!


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