Fangirl Fridays: BLACK SUIT

I’m just gonna leave this here before I start fangirling. Not sorry

Okay, so here’s the deal. I’ve said this before a few times but I think it shouldn’t have to be said so much. I’m a multi. HOWEVER…I am loyal to SJ. Extremely. These boys make me question their sanity as much as I love them. When I realized how I lost my mind with each just even a mention of an SJ comeback, I knew where my main energy was going. The song that really sealed the nail in that coffin was “Neorago” but it didn’t dawn on me until a year later when “Bonamana” came out. (Ironic isn’t it?)

I had a good couple of years with them before the guys started going off to do their mandatory service. Someone had to go in early because he was being a bad boy, another the same year I was really invested into K-pop, decided he had enough of his slave contract. Which you know, I respect that. He is a human after all.

So in an effort to keep this in a TL;DR scenario, when they released “Devil” in 2015, I knew they were going to take time off. A bunch of their members were going sequentially to do their service. It was going to be a while before they were to release anything together with the members that were left.


So then in 2017 the members start coming out their service. They’re being active again on social media and I’m a happy camper. I am here for it and I know that they’ll release music eventually. I just want them happy and healthy above all.

Then, teasers started coming. Practice room shots start flooding Instagram. I start feeling it, the excitement. ‘This can’t be happening, they just got back!’ were my thoughts at the time. Then the official announcement came out on social media. It didn’t take much else.

Me basically for a while.

This is turning out much longer than I initially intended. At least it stops me from repeating myself in my next Fangirl Fridays SJ edition so…MOVING ON.


This comeback really was just what I needed. I loved the music video, the dance, the performances, and everyone just looked so amazing. The album was great too. “Black Suit” was just their silly selves trying to insert a semblance of a plot. Amazing entertainment. This was also the comeback that later brought me the “Lo Siento” repackage which was AMAZING.

Anyway, “Black Suit” as a track is reminiscent a little bit of “Sexy, Free, and Single” and you know what? I was never mad at it. It was more than just the blind excitement of seeing these boys back in their elements. This was well produced, they were in charge and it showed how much they wanted to make this comeback meaningful for them and for us.

I love them so much. I am very much looking forward to their next comeback. They’re going to tour again which I’d love to see. The only time I’ve ever seen them was in SMTown in 2011. Experiencing that again would be amazing. I even got to see my ultimate forever soloist bias Henry. I met him then too. I love Super Junior as the whole messed up mess they are. I miss Henry being a part of the crazy.

Boy needs to come out with new music soon though. Just like SJ should. BTS’s new album will help me hold out though. Can’t wait for that next month.

Teukie looked so good this comeback.


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