Once a DDR geek, always a DDR geek

So, here’s the deal. I used to be one of those kids that loved playing DDR back in the day. I still do. A lot actually. I still miss it. It was a lot of fun!

Once I got into college, I met a bunch of people who were like-minded. We’d play at the machines in Plaza and have a lot of fun. Of course, some of these guys were harder on the machines than I was. They’d actually go all out and show off. I still remember which two of them knew ‘Break Down!’ by BeForU so well that they’d play it in mirror mode and turn away from the machine to play the song.

Their muscle memory was pretty freaking amazing. I will admit that I do have some of that myself with some of the songs I played repeatedly.

I remember trying to show off to this song in Standard difficulty. Such a geek.

Why a DDR post? Well, I got the urge the other day to listen to the songs from the game. Nostalgia I guess. I spent a while trying to find some of the full versions of the songs through YouTube and through Apple Music. I even tried the iTunes store to find some. I was successful in some but not for the ones I really wanted to find.

Honestly, the music was catchy as hell. Some of the music wasn’t from Japan though. One of the songs I remember playing then was The Whistle Project, of course, I mostly played in standard because I had issues with some of the footwork.

There were gallops. Those steps always gave me the hardest time. I could never get the hang of it. I remember there being a sidestep that I didn’t know I could do, which when I finally learned how…it simplified my DDR experience a lot. It even enabled me to take on some songs in Heavy. One of the few ones I could do, even with leg fatigue was Spin the Disc. I love that one. If I feel like my legs can take it, I play it.

Gotta love YouTube in moments like this

I also remember back in the day there was a Para Para machine in the Montehiedra arcade. It was definitely something I didn’t get at first chance but, I really enjoyed the music. This was Konami so obviously; the music was great.

Eurobeat I knew what it was before I knew what it was. That sounds really convoluted but let me explain. Before I played DDR in arcades and before I had my own copy of DDRMax to play on the PS2 at home…there was the Disney edition of DDR for the original PlayStation. It had the It’s a Small World (Super Ducking Hardcore mix). Yes, that’s exactly how it sounds. There were also all these Eurobeat remixes of popular Disney songs, for example:

Okay fine, this isn’t as popular as you’d expect, but it’s such a memorable song to me. And now you know this exists too if you’ve never played the game

But wait! There’s more!


I’m just gonna add one more because these are TIMELESS.

I love the original, I do. But this BOP.

Lastly, to my point earlier. I dabbled a little in ParaPara routines and I still know like, two or three of them. I remember Night of Fire from beginning to end. Play with the Numbers by Hinoi team and bits and pieces of other songs.

GOD my age is showing.

Okay, so enough about this. I randomly felt like talking about this because I was feeling like the only one that fell into the DDR hole.

If only I still had a functioning dance mat. And a copy of the game.


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