A Few Hours Later

Okay, so maybe a lot hours later. I’ve played Division 2 as of last night, over 25 hours. I have not felt a thing. It’s not even weird I guess?

I mean, I found it a bit weird the other day that I hadn’t found a lot of comms throughout the world and then in the last few nights I’ve stumbled upon a few. There’s also this ‘found footage’ that you unlock after every couple of main missions so far.

It’s chilling, to say the least. I mean, it makes sense for things to deteriorate in a It’s chilling, to say the least. I mean, it makes sense for things to deteriorate in a situation like this. Everyone who did not survive the flu has to make do with what they have left. There’s no power, there’s barely any communication. There are very little natural resources that are readily available.

Now that I think about it, reminds me of some strange combination of ‘No Man’s Land’ in the DC comics. Gotham is actually doing that right now on the Fox show. I’m not the one watching that though, Carlos is enjoying some episodes this season but others are just falling short. It’s background noise for me sometimes. I mean, I do love Cory Michael Smith as The Riddler.

Moving on to the actual subject matter of this post. I’m about halfway through the main campaign and I am loving every single minute of it. This game has definitely climbed up fast to a sinkhole of my time. I already saw this coming, but I need to keep up with the posting so I can keep playing.

This is not going to be the last you’re going to hear from me about The Division 2. That I can surely promise you. I have unlocked a lot of things. Among them, bounties. I can guess it’s more that it was 3am, I was sleepy as hell that this made me laugh a lot.

You okay there corporal? Looks like uh…you need to see someone about those arms.

I already hit level 21 a few minutes ago, which means my level caches no longer drop blue gear from the looks of it. I sure as hell hope so.

The game has its bugs, some of them are really annoying. For example, whenever I want to use any of my skills, there are times it’ll fail and hit a 15 second cooldown out of left field. It drives me insane, I hate it. Especially when I bug out and can’t even toss out my skill in the first place.

I miss the Pulse. It was such a useful skill in D1 and now it feels like utter garbage. Though some of the new skills are fun to use and the improved assault turret is a beast. I love my little pew pew turret. I specialized in a fire one in the first game.

I can’t wait to see where this story goes. Especially after finding a comms that is encrypted. Meaning, I can’t hear it until the endgame. The anticipation is building because I am seriously hoping it’s going to be interesting to hear. It’s also probably full of spoilers, which is why we can’t hear it now.

I can’t wait to play more after dinner. I’m hooked.


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