I’m so excited for Momoland’s release tomorrow. It sounds like such a huge bop. I’m losing my mind.


I am counting down the hours until I wake up tomorrow so I can be blessed all over again. These ladies graced me with one of the best birthday gifts last year with BAAM. This song came out on June 26, 2018 and it ROCKED MY WORLD.

I was SHOOK.


I mean, I learned this dance. I KNOW most of this dance. This was the song that finally made me learn how to shuffle. Not Lovey-Dovey, not Party Rock. It was BAAM.

Anyway, their comeback is tomorrow. I can’t wait. I’ve waited six months for this and from the highlight medley from the new mini and the dance preview…I am ready.

So I’m probably going K-pop crazy this week. Who can blame me with these bops?


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