So uh, about Division 2…

I spent five hours in the game last night. I didn’t feel them. Every time I checked the clock, it was even later than I thought it was. The map is so big, much bigger than Manhattan…and I’m here for it.

The character creator is much better this time around than the first game. There was definitely more variety to chose from. It’s also got elements to fine tune your facial choices. Definitely an improvement. That’s a huge tool to help people make their own characters more unique. Also, earlier yesterday morning I found out that I could add blue hair to my avatar and say no more, I was sold!

I owe you guys a picture of my avatar, but I was so immersed in the game last night I didn’t even think about getting a picture. I definitely should though. The blue hair isn’t as bright as much as I would be used to but, I can live with it. (Header photo is from my private beta adventure back in Feb)

The map is so full of things to find. More weapons, more gear, more loot. I am living for this. Some boxes are easy to find, other are a little harder to guess where they are. It’s all in good fun though. As opposed to how it worked in the first game, the boxes are now tiered to your current level so you don’t go grabbing green stuff when you’re finding something in a low level area with a max level character. At least, that’s what it looks like.

I’m currently decked out in a mix of greens and blues. I’m eager to keep leveling up because I really want to start decking myself in the high level things. That’s gonna have to wait though. Already above level 5 and getting more blues than I recall in the last game. That’s a good thing though.

I just want to get play more. I want to immerse myself in this world again. There are so many things to find, so much lore to listen through comms. Keener tapes are around, so there is more to his story. I can’t wait to see how this whole campaign unfolds.

Can you tell I’m excited to get back into it? I’m itching to go back.


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