Anthem is Done!

Yeah, AGAIN? I know, but this time it’s for sure the last time I’m going to talk about it for a while. Probably until the next content comes out or whatever.

Last night, Carlos and I finished the main story campaign and reached all the endgame content. Which is stuff that should keep you busy, grinding for all the better loot.

I’m not invested. *spoiler alert*

Carlos predicted this plot point, I saw it coming too though. I just didn’t want it to happen.

So the game ended in a pretty anti-climatic way. Carlos and I finished the final boss fight and I really just couldn’t believe that was it. They set up the next content with a short cutscene, which is nice, but it didn’t feel like I killed the final boss at all.

When I got to the endgame mission, I wasn’t even aware I was there. I mean, I guessed I was just about there as I was working on the shield but then it dawned on me. Once I build the shield, I don’t really have any other things to do since contracts stopped appearing altogether.

I did enjoy a lot of the voice acting in the game but there are a lot of things that work against each other in this game. The ‘edgy’ forty-five-degree screens and menus are annoying because there’s not a good use of my screen for things. I can’t bulk select things to be dismantled. I still can’t join Carlos in any of the screens. There isn’t any text chat.

I still stand by the thought that this game needed more time in development. This game has a longer way to go than The Division did when it first came out.

There are some NPCs that are definite standouts. Dax’s introduction was SPECTACULAR. Her entire questline is amazing. It was one of my favorite ones. Finding out that Brin writes FanFics in her spare time and posts them anonymously at a bulletin board in Fort Tarsis was so amusing to me. I couldn’t stop giggling for the rest of the night after I had that conversation.

Marl and Gunther…oh my god. Their voice acting is spectacular and I cannot wait to finish their conversations. Carlos did earlier. From what I read, the conclusion is as dramatic as the characters themselves.

Oh, and of course Haluk with his not sexy bad choices…but that’s another story.

I really did enjoy those aspects of the game but there is still so much work that needs to be done. I’m hoping that these fixes all come sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow morning I have a seven-minute Pokémon Direct to look forward to and the Fortnite hero rework is finally coming this Thursday.

Division 2 open beta this weekend too. I have some good gaming days ahead of me.

I’m ready.


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