Pokémon Gen 8 is HERE


This morning’s Pokémon Direct announcement was exactly what I was hoping for. We did get to hear from Nintendo directly(aha! See what I did there?) that we were going to get an announcement of a main title game in 2019 so, here we are.

*_* This is beautiful.

New region, new Pokémon, new adventure, and obviously starters. I still can’t decide which one I want because the fire bunny, Scorbunny is just absolutely the cutest. I mean, the water lizard, Sobble is also really adorable. I normally go for water type starters except for the one time I picked Torchic because it was Hoenn’s best starter. (Yes, it was the cutest one to me in that generation. That’s why I picked it.)

The new region, Galar is stunningly beautiful and I absolutely can’t wait to dive in. The Avatars look older, though they’re probably going to be twelve years old like they normally are in these games. I will admit though, that the whole ambiance is just refreshing to me.

I never got to play Sun or Moon. My 3DS was an unfortunate post Hurricane Maria victim. I know, the game came out in 2016. Money, my last job, and a bunch of other factors got in the way at the time when the game came out.

So far, no release date has not been announced yet. They closed the Pokémon Direct by saying that there would be more Pokémon announcements in 2019. This year is looking to be very exciting. (Let’s not forget the Detective Pikachu trailer that came out this week as well. I hope that movie doesn’t let me down)

Now I’ll probably watch that announcement a few more times while I wait for another one. E3 is just a couple of months away so there’s going to be more reveals by then. Probably through Coro Coro.

I’ve already picked my side, I’m going Sword. What about you?


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