Reactions to Nintendo Direct 2.13.19

So yesterday afternoon was the latest edition of Nintendo Direct. I got to admit, I wanted more information on the new Pokémon game coming up but I guess that’s gonna have to wait until E3 this year for any reveals.

I was amused by some of the reveals and my jaw dropped at a few of them. I really want to talk about the remaster for Link’s Awakening, which many people arguably say it’s the best Zelda game or at least it always ranks high on their lists.

It looks *BEAUTIFUL*

Seriously, the game is beautiful. It is definitely already in my wishlist. I love Legend of Zelda games and even if Breath of the Wild took me forever to finish because I took my sweet time with it, that game ranks high on my list. Ocarina of Time is still at the top of my list. Breath of the Wild is fighting for second place along with Twilight Princess.

I can feel Arin(aka Egoraptor. Also from Game Grumps) just writhing in pain thinking of all the levels Ross is going to come up with.

I wanted to get my hands on the first Mario Maker but it wasn’t worth the investment in a console I was rarely going to use. When This was announced early on in the broadcast. The collective of Game Grumps fans lost their mind in excitement. This meant that Arin was going to play this and we would hear him scream in agony yet at again at failing to beat Ross’s levels.

I can’t wait. I’m so ready.

(words don’t capture how much I love this movie)

While there was no announcement for Save the World coming to the switch, they announced Tetris Battle Royale. I had no idea what it was going to be like…I mean, I’ve played Tetris before and my dad was amazing at it. (He hasn’t played in years) I did make it to the top ten at least once. It’s highly addicting actually.

I haven’t said anything on the Yoshi game because I really want to play it and I can’t afford it. I haven’t even downloaded the demo because I’m going to get too excited and attached.

Tetris, on the other hand, is free so definitely take a chance if you have the switch subscription.

I haven’t been able to play Anthem tonight since the game was delayed until tomorrow morning. Oh well.


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