A little ramble…

I have had a little difficult past few days. Some minor pain here and there. Annoying knee aches that still have no answer as to where they come from and frustration from how Amazon’s shipping practices after Hurricane Maria have just been the worst.

I could keep going off about that. There are so many frustrations over delayed packages. I ordered something on Feb 1st and the delivery is supposed to be Thursday. It still hasn’t shipped at uh, 10pm on the 5th.

I did not play the Anthem Demo second round this weekend. I spent it trying to catch up with Fam on Overwatch. My luck was pretty decent on the Lunar New Year boxes. Got quite a few legendary skins out of them. None of the Tracer ones but I did get a combination of skins released this year along with last year’s.

Save the World is going to bring back the Lunar New Year Llama from last year so I’ll be able to get doubles of things that I didn’t get last year. That’s good news for me because I can toss any extras into the collection book for XP. When the Collection Book was reworked, a lot of better rewards came with it.

This Fortnite season is almost over and I can’t believe it. I’m already looking forward to the next event and what that will bring. I am in vast needs of survivor XP. I’ve almost caught up to Carlos finally.

The Division 2 is holding their private beta this weekend and I’m very much looking forward to that one. I seriously enjoyed the game and its lore. There are so many different ways the plot can go. Curiosity is just building, much like the anticipation.

Just a small catch-up for today. Next week is Itzy’s official debut and I’m SO READY FOR IT.

Happy Chinese New Year everybody! ❤


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