The Most Random Concert Ever

I was going to talk about CLC’s ‘No’ but honestly, the song’s bop and there’s not a lot of fangirling involved with that. I’ve slept on them for most of their career because their music didn’t really sit well with me. ‘Hobgoblin’ while stand out, just didn’t stick on me enough for me to say I liked it.

I dared to give ‘No’ a chance just because really. Anyway, that’s not the point of the post today actually.

Yesterday was Marshmello’s concert in Fortnite Battle Royale. I heard about this on Friday and I immediately found it to be the most curious gaming development this year. I didn’t expect much out of it honestly. Especially after the smart guy that killed like, 61 people during the asteroid viewings last year.

So I went into a match about fifteen minutes before the event was to take place, while Carlos was playing a mission in Save the World. He then loaded into BR, a rarity in itself, and waited for me so would embark on the adventure together.

I finished my match and loaded into the game with him with a minute and fifteen seconds to spare. As soon as the battle bus was off, I was preparing myself mentally to have to grab some guns and knock a couple of heads off to enjoy the concert. If history taught us anything within Fortnite, events can be ruined by a guy who just thinks ‘Can I do this?’.

Off the bus and then suddenly, the free-falling animation changes and Marshmello’s logo pops up. I didn’t even notice my screen had changed. I landed on Pleasant Park and my HP bar had disappeared. Nobody could attack anyone and the concert kicked off.

I wanted to take a screenshot of when we were all soaring but I was having so much fun watching this.

I have to admit it was the most unique experience I’ve ever had gaming so far. Everyone was doing their favorite dance emotes(mine were the BTS and BLACKPINK ones obvi) and it was a lot more fun than I gave it credit for.

This type event reminds me of why I play games. It’s an experience, it’s an escape. Frankly, this was so unique and special I hope we just have more one-offs like this so it doesn’t wear out. The whole novelty of it all made it an amazing experience to be a part of. It was ten minutes of just awe and wonder as this gigantic, immersive, interactive cutscene played out before my eyes.

Thanks Epic Games, this was very fun. Can Save the World get one like this too?


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