Final Thoughts on Anthem Demo

I meant to post this a few days ago but other things got in the way. Mostly needing to get some sleep. Moving on, some more thoughts on the Anthem demo before going off onto other subjects in the next post.

So, here’s the second Javelin I unlocked Saturday night after the bug was fixed. It still looks like Blue Beetle. Jean Karlo would again be proud.

I decided to pick the Storm Javelin unlike my usual go-to. I would’ve picked Interceptor since it’s very reminiscent of the Destiny Hunter class, which I love playing, but I decided to go something that felt more like the Warlock class.

I did enjoy the special abilities like blowing things up with Lightning strikes. Or throwing icicles to my enemies until they froze and someone blew them up with a rocket.

The whole co-op aspect feels better in this game even in this alpha setting. The abilities seem to compliment each other in a more fitting way so to speak.

I hated the infinite loading bug and so far they’ve admitted that they can’t find a fix. I missed out on playing the Incursion because, by the time Carlos and I did load, we died a few times. Unlike the Nightfalls and Strikes in Destiny(both games), there was a revive timer or something along the likes. We almost wiped a few times because there was no auto-revive after being down.

There was about a five to seven-minute gap where I was downed and had to wait for the other Storm guy from our team to be able to kill everything before getting me up. That was no bueno.

From what Carlos and I were discussing, there’s another Beta this weekend and more people are expected to get in. I’m just optimistic that they fix that infinite loading error. Having to force close the game to try and play was not my idea of fun. It took a lot out of the experience.

Then again that’s the point of a beta in the first place.


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