Anthem First Impressions

So yesterday, the Anthem demo went live. I got home from work, ate my dinner, and hopped on.

It looks pretty decent in my setup. I do hate how slow the character walks around the main area though. Pressing shift does make the character go a little bit faster but everything still moves unbearably slow.

I seriously think I’ve made Jean Karlo proud with how I designed my Javelin to look. I settled on a black and blue theme (obviously inspired from Nightwing) but my Freelancer looks like she’s emulating Blue Beetle more than anything.

The game has been extremely buggy but it’s a demo build. Of course, it’s going to have a bunch of kinks. Joining Carlos has been a pain. Invites don’t show, I get stuck loading and have to force quit the game in order to load again.

That part hasn’t been entirely pleasant.

Now, getting into the Javelin and taking that first flight? Oh man, that was amazing. Soaring through the map, taking in the scenery, was just amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed going around and killing the bad guys I found. The game felt great during those moments.

The missions were pretty straight forward in the demo. I was done in less than half an hour I would guess. It was quite annoying to try and get the second Javelin unlocked because of the ever wonderful bugs but, I did get it just a few minutes ago when I logged back in.

I went with the Storm Javelin as my second. My opinion on that will be posted hopefully tomorrow. I’m going to hop in later to finally try it out. Carlos got the Colossus which is the class he wanted to play in the first place. I wanted Storm because I love attacking with elementals and all that stuff.

I also went with a black and blue color scheme for this one. I’m pretty predictable at the moment.

Anyway, off to my Javelin I go!


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