‘Suki to Iwasetai’ Fangirling


I’ve already posted about IZ*ONE’s debut and now they’re dropping their first Japanese single. I. AM. REA-DY.

I heard the live performance and I will admit I wasn’t that impressed. I have been out of the J-pop scene for a long time and only stick to my faves because I’m stubborn like that. (Flower released a single this week and I couldn’t believe it. They disappeared after Shuuka left but that’s another story)

Then the MV came out yesterday.

Pretty much me last night after watching the PV

I admit, this is more J-Pop sounding than their debut title track but it fits them well. And it’s the most K-Pop they can get without sounding too out of place in the industry they’re releasing in.

Sakura, Hitomi and Nako absolutely shine. I never gave HKT48 or any of the AKB48 family of groups any attention because I stopped liking their music after UZA(which is STILL a bop all these years later). In my mind they should just graduate and get signed into a Korean agency after their contracts end in April 2021.

I’m probably being greedy but to disappear back into the fold of AKB48 where it totally sailed over my head that Sakura has been senbatsu IN Uza and in other singles? Nah, stay in Korea where if you’re housed by the right label you can truly shine. I would hope so anyway. It’s their choice at the end of the day.

The single comes out on February 6th, I’m already waiting for it to show up on Apple Music so I bop to this while playing. This month has been so crazy. I know that for the coupling tracks the girls also split up into teams. I heard a preview of one of the tracks but since this was a radio rip of sorts, it didn’t give it justice. I always forget that unlike Korean releases, in Japan the tracks are played on the radio before the single gets out.

Also Itzy is set to debut soon. Even more exciting things to come in 2019 in the music side of things. (I’m hoping I can play the Anthem demo tonight. Fingers crossed!)


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