About Santa’s Little Helper

So I said I’d talk about the Santa’s Little Helper Rocket Launcher when I finally got it up to the level I’m at. Last night I finally did it with the XP I’d recovered from resetting my melee weapons. I am not using them, might as well put it to good use.

Anyway, first thing I did after mistakenly making it Obsidian (which Carlos says I should’ve because it’s a Rocket Launcher, the extra durability helps), I played around with it with all of its perks up to blue.

It makes this really fun noise when you fire it. I do like it’s damage output. It’s also very satisfying to fire. I don’t know yet if I’m going to change the damage type to energy or keep it physical, which was the roll it came with. I’ll eventually add a gallery around the site with my weapon rolls for those who’re interested.

I will admit that it is a fun weapon to come out of week 2 Frostnite. Last night Lynx Kassandra was uploaded to the event store but I currently don’t have enough gold to get her at this time.

While this looks Kick-ass I’d rather play with her normal skin. Can we get a skin selection tool Epic please?

Since she’s in the event store, I’m in a smaller rush to get her as opposed to the weekly store. I can’t wait to see what class she’s going to get after the hero rework is applied. I haven’t reset the heroes that have been impacted by the new changes but I’ll probably do it when I’m out of Hero XP for someone I want to play.

Last night was also the kick off for the week four challenge in Frostnite. Carlos and I got through it on the first try. It was hard in a crafting point of view though. Since we’ve done five Storm Shield Defenses(from here on out, SSD for short), our base Frostnite challenges went up to Power Level 100. Most of our weapons however, are not tier five materials. So I spend half the time running around trying to find shadowshard or obsidian to craft most of the weapons I have.

I did get my Wraith to 130 but it’s still an uphill battle with people who don’t help a team out.

I haven’t used the sword yet but once melee weapons are useful in the game again, I’ll probably give it a shot. For now, no melee weapons for me.

Lunar Year for Overwatch started today but I’m eagerly waiting for the Anthem Demo, which for origin premiere members starts tomorrow apparently.

ONWARDS TO MY JAVELIN. I’m too excited, can you tell?


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