Finally!!! A Hyomin Song I Care About

So, if I haven’t said this before, I’m a second generation Kpop fan. I got into it around 2006/2007, through Super Junior.

Now that that’s out of the way. I’ve witnessed way too many debuts and as it stands right now, a lot of disbandment. I guess a pretty standard amount considering that we’re on generation four or something of Kpop at this point.

Anyway, T-ara was a group I loved for a lot of years…and then I didn’t. It wasn’t entirely sudden either. I mean, I reached a point where the songs all sounded the same. I remember discussing this with my friend Momo once, the new title song sounded like the last one should’ve been.

I distinctly remember the last song of theirs that was a title track that I was in for was ‘나어떡해?’ which was the repackaged track that came after ‘Number Nine’. I can’t remember how many times I spammed ‘Number Nine’ and kept having ‘Lovey-Dovey’ flashbacks. (Sugar Free kinda just appeared and that was the last time T-ara was ever relevant to me.)


The girls did release solo tracks and really my favorite happens to be Jiyeon’s ‘1분 1초’. HECKING YES. That song was amazing and I still listen to it occasionally.

Hyomin’s first song came out with a lot of controversies because of the lyrics and I don’t remember what else. Then Mango came out last year and to me, that was painful to sit through.

So surprise to me when her music video was leaked a day before the official release and I actually kinda liked it. The video disappeared for a few hours I think before it came back. The single was launched not long after.

I’m not going to do an in-depth review because I am not a music critic. The hook is catchy and it’s easy on the ears. The dance looks like a lot of fun to learn. That’s going onto my backlog of routines I want to know how to do.

Hyomin’s ‘U Um U Um’ is a refreshing T-ara solo. If this is going to be her musical direction in the future, I totally dig it. Maybe someday I’ll appreciate her other tracks but so far that doesn’t look likely.

I am eagerly waiting for what the rest of 2019 has to offer in K-Pop because to me so far, girls are on a roll with some good bops.

2 thoughts on “Finally!!! A Hyomin Song I Care About

  1. I totally understand how you feel!! sugarfree was the last song of theirs which was relevant to me after that I felt none of their songs was up to their level..i miss that T-ARA

    1. Same! After Sugar Free they evaporated into lackluster music and focus on China. Their last song was underwhelming.

      And I found out yesterday that LE was in the original guide track and they kept her voice for the beginning and prechoruses


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