The Last Day of Heck Week

Today has been a pretty slow day for me. I woke up late. I did go out into the street because Adolfo came down from Morovis to spend time out here. He came and picked me up at my apartment and I went up to the festivities with his parents.

It has been so stupid crowded today. Even now, at 7:39PM the plaza is still really freaking full. I still can’t believe it. I also heard the ‘hype lady’ say that they’d extended the festivities for another hour and that everything would end at 11pm. Fun times ahead.

I went out Friday night with family and it was extremely pleasant because it wasn’t super full. I actually had a lot of fun. Going out in the middle of the day with Adolfo and his parents was another story entirely. I felt so overwhelmed that all I wanted to do was run back home. I toughed it out and made sure to grip Adolfo’s shirt so I didn’t get lost in the crowd. Sure, I have blue in my hair. I also was wearing something pretty unique so it would’ve been easier to spot me.

Large crowds are suffocating. Partying isn’t my thing either so this was mostly out of place for me. The anxiety got worse as we tried to weed through the crowd to get back down to my street. It was really uncomforting.

I did make it back home after being out and hour. I got comfortable real quick and then it was time to work on what lunch was gonna be since I was over the street food. I’d already had plenty of it during the last few days. Made sure to get a pincho again this year though.

Carlos and I cooked homemade burgers and they were absolutely delicious. I mean, the ones he cooked a few weeks back were just as good too. I try to get organic ground beef delivered with my groceries when I make an order. This time we just had extra seasonings on hand. Since I’ve only slowly started to cook more recently, I have underestimated the things the pantry needs for us to season all of our food accordingly.

Moving on, it’s been an NFL Playoff kind of night. I just watched the Saints lose. Sure, I’m sad about the whole thing but it’s fine. The Rams just outplayed…of course, there was also that call that never got made but there’s nothing I can do about that. The league should admit they messed up on that missed pass interference call. Just own up to it man. It was way too obvious. Yeah, I should stop now before I bring out all the salt.

There’s always next season anyway. I do hope the Patriots don’t win though…I’m sick and tired of them anyway.


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