Frostnite Week 2: HOLY $#!@

Last night I tried the Week 2 challenge for Frostnite. It took me and Carlos a couple of tries. He’d tried it the night before and found a constructor that knew what they were doing.

We were able to coincide with that builder. Our first attempt caused us a few issues. We then had to pull out a few times because of extremely low-level people in comparison to us before finding a fourth that initially sucked. They then added us and we got through it.

For the record, I haven’t leveled the shotgun. I do have it in my inventory and it’s on my list. I’ve been reading around and apparently, it’s not worth it. I’ll report back on my own when I do have my own two cents to put in.

The challenge is way too hard for what the reward is. The banner for week two is also bugged. We were able to get the reward immediately after diving back into the challenge once we got the weapon.

Apparently I have an appointment again next week with the other two for the week three challenge. This got interesting real quick.

Word of advice though, take a Machinist constructor in your team. It’ll definitely help you out to get through to the half hour you need to live through. Try to hold onto your turrets too. Since there’s a smaller time between waves, the dreaded taker wave is much sooner.

I can’t wait to use the present launcher either. That is high on my list for my next schematic. I’m already loving the Cocoa .45 because I just fling marshmallows everywhere. They sometimes even smack Carlos when he’s near me. Love it.

Until next time, Michi out!


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