My YumeTwins Experience

So, I heard about this loot box type site from Facebook. It popped up saying that the December box was Pokémon themed and I totally jumped at the chance to get some special items for myself as a Christmas present to me. Pokémon Center Japan stuff is expensive and I thought it was reasonably priced to get some cute items for $35 with shipping included.

That was a terrible idea. The box shipped early November and I still haven’t gotten it. I never got a tracking number or anything like it. I was charged a second box because they were tempting me with the streak rewards and all that jazz.

January box shipped in early December. I still haven’t received it yet either. Neither box has arrived and I’ve told the postman to keep an eye out for a purple box for me.

I’ve written to them twice. The first email was around the holidays but I still haven’t gotten an answer. I sent a second one yesterday and I haven’t heard from them yet. I’m not keeping my hopes up.

I don’t have much money, I do this to treat myself during the holiday season and I still haven’t received anything. I also found out that they swapped the Pokémon luggage tags to a different item because they sold out. I haven’t gotten an email to notify me if I was one of the boxes affected by this switch.

As it stands right now it’s the worst customer service experience ever. I’ve gotten stuff from Japan faster than this box is meant to arrive. They even tell me to wait 8 weeks to see if it arrives. I’m going three months from the December box and two on the January box.

YumeTwins is a sham and I just want my money back at this point. I don’t need replacement boxes. Screw that. Just do not subscribe to YumeTwins. Save yourself the trouble. I’d rather look at that other stationary box and see if it’s worth it. Or just buy from Pokécen with a proxy buying service.

Now I wish I’d bothered to ask around for UtaPri goods instead. I just want something with Natsuki on it. Whelp. I lost money and have nothing but confirmation emails to show for it.


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