Day Off Adventure: Not Far From Home

So today I met with Gyna for brunch at a place nearby. It was great fun and we swapped our boxes that we’d been holding off on since October. I got so much stuff. I haven’t been able to settle down and take pictures since I’m also trying to sort out my desk to be able to have everything.

I did get a bunch more washi which is awesome because I love decorating my journal with that stuff. I switched to a smaller journal that I could carry around with me but I miss the ringed Lihit Lab notebook I was using before. The paper quality is just superb.

After that, I met up with my sister for a bit before coming back home and just unwinding for the day. I have a small book backlog to tackle and I might have to schedule some time to read later this week. Especially the new book that Gyna got me.

I watched the season premiere of ‘Gotham’ with Carlos and also sat through the ‘Titans’ season finale. It wasn’t the worst thing DC’s ever produced. I will admit that. I do have to go through ‘Young Justice’ again so I can start the new season.

SVU also comes back this week, so I’m happy my TV schedule is kinda coming back. Now I just slowly need to keep stepping into the groove of things.

Speaking of groove, I need to practice ‘Baam’. Step at a time. I don’t want to burn myself out too quickly, after all the year’s just begun.

Cheer’s to more in 2019! (Lowkey still waiting for that Girls’ Day comeback, MINAH I MISS YOU)


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