Stand and Fight Campaign Completed!

So I mentioned in my last post that I was going to try and finish the Canny Valley story and report back.

I did last night. I got a lot of feelings right at the end. The whole fight with the Storm King was fairly easy since all of my weapons are already 106 because I mainly play in Twine but still, it was an impressive shot when the walls come down and you see the King right there.

I did like that one of my favorite Battle Royale skins has a history and I’m hoping Power Chord has a great presence in the next part of the story. It’s also refreshing to see some backstory to one of the characters other than Lars and Ray. This gives me hope that Jess and the other Outlanders are going to have more story in the next part as well.

The ending of the story was actually more satisfying than I expected. I got a little emotional with Desiree right at the end of her message too. It took over a year for me to reach an actual conclusion to this story and now that they’ve made it a point that it’s going to be split up in various parts…I’m wondering when we’re gonna get the next campaign.

We met a new player last night and they mentioned that they were guessing August and honestly, they’re probably not wrong. I’m hoping we get it before then though. After investing so much time with these weapons, these characters, this story, I want more.

Granted, there are two games coming out in the next few months that I’m going to be sinking a lot of time into. Anthem and Division 2 are coming up fast and those are going to be a sinkhole of time as well. I’m more looking forward to The Division 2 since even with all the struggles, the game was vastly improved and very enjoyable after the patches that fixed it.

Now onto the next gaming adventure! Finishing the Super Smash Brothers campaign or Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee…I haven’t decided yet.


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