Frostnite Time!

Okay, it’s been a few weeks since the event launched officially, I get that. Anyway, I’ve been able to play a few rounds of the new game mode and I have some thoughts.

I was fortunate enough to get into great lobbies most of the time. In my first playthrough, I lasted 33 minutes so I was able to get a hold of two of the rewards. I was able to get the Ginger Pistol and the new Jingle Jess.

I have yet to try out either reward but since Jess is a reskin of another class, I’m not missing out on much. I am planning to level up the pistol because it drops healing items while you use it. From what I’ve read around, it heals better than the Candy Corn LMG from Halloween. That’s a plus.

Carlos, on the other hand, is always looking for new heroes to play, leveled her up right away and has played her quite a few times. She looks like a lot of fun to play too. Also, need to level up last year’s Reclaimer Jess. I got her during the birthday event and I haven’t even touched her.

We missed the first Fornite Christmas event in 2017 because we were still recovering from Hurricane Maria. Also looking for an apartment to move into. I remember that we were also invested in the new Destiny 2 DLC that had come out at the time and everything that was involved.

Ugh, I don’t want to think about D2 anymore. MOVING ON, I got another team and was able to get Krampus too. That was a challenge for sure. The Taker wave at the 42 minute-ish mark is not a joke. I was out of my mind dodging and I was still downed. The last guy boxed himself in and pushed us through the forty five minute mark.

I haven’t used Krampus either but he’s a reskin of Airheart so…again not missing much. I did get Crackshot and the only reason I’m considering levelling him up is that I want to hear his hero voice lines myself and not look them up online.

To recap, I’ve unlocked most of the Frostnite survival stuff and I’m only missing to complete the weekly challenge for the banner…which I’m not sure I’ll do. I’m looking forward to the next content already.

Side note, I haven’t finished the Canny Valley story but I’m on my way there. I’ll probably rave about it when I’m done.

Until next time, Michi out!


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