Whelp, Not as Fun the Second Time Around

So I know I mentioned I probably was going to talk about the Halloween event in Fortnite. Well that was a lie. :/

I mean, I don’t mind that the event at first seemingly threw in references of last year’s event. I had very much enjoyed it and it served as quite a bit of solace during the Hurricane recovery. I mean, it gave me something to look forward to when I got back from work. Considering I had to deal with the call center life and dealing with a lot of frustrating situations, such as spending way too much money in Uber that I could definitely use right about now…

Anyway, it was a fun event to play and Ray’s dialogue was always a really laugh riot. Carlos and I really like it and the Gravedigger is by far one of our favorite weapons to use still to this day. I have yet to get the new weapon, but it’s still close for me as it stands. 

Anyway, when the second part hit, seeing that it was all really just more of last year’s event but with minor reward modifications, I lost interest. I’ve barely touched the game since the second part of Fortnitemares hit. The season for the battle pass is also almost over and I haven’t done much else to keep going.

I’ll probably be doing catch-up later today but I’m not entirely motivated really. I’ve been motivated to create or do other stuff. Especially with what has been happening with Smosh, Smosh Games and Defy media. That’s another post entirely. 

Moving on, Fornitemares has been only slightly fun because I loved the dialogue in the first place. Other than that it’s been a bomb. 


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