‘La Vie en Rose’


I meant to have this up a few days ago but I will be honest, life got in the way and this was not as important.

Anyway, their debut finally is upon us and I have stars in my eyes. I am not a professional music critic or anything of the sort. I just am a fangirl who really enjoys music. So, now that I’ve said that…let’s move onto the actual content of this post. 

I did actually see their showcase while I was getting ready for work. I felt tears in my eyes as I watched these girls perform on a big stage after all the crap(to put it mildly) that they went through in PD48. I made it on time to watch them slay ‘Rumor’ again. I swear that’s one of the biggest bops of the year. 

I originally watched the music video before I realized that the showcase was actually going on. I enjoyed how soft it looked but how the voices weren’t as soft and as pure as I expected. I got powerful notes and great choreography. So as it stands, it holds  up to the ‘pure’ debut stereotype but it brought its own thing to the table. Not like SNSD’s debut, and a few other girl groups that had similar concepts for their first song. 

The entire album is a very solid range of that they can do. I will admit I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get another release of ‘Rumor’ and we got the finale songs again in this album. I loved Kaeun in ‘Suki ni Nacchaudarou?’ and feel a little guilty when I listen to the IZ*ONE version(PLZ PLEDIS LET KAEUN DO SOMETHING OUT OF THAT BASEMENT). 

The ballad to me is sadly forgettable, even with the gorgeous vocals. I’ve been finding myself skipping it for the most part. I’m giving it another listen while I’m writing this and I’m just itching to change the song. 

Anyway, the dance looks like I’ll be adding it to my long ‘to-do’ dance list that I need to tackle. Someday. Someday soon. I might get this album physically though…when I’m not broke that is. I’ll probably do a packaging review if that happens. I did enjoy documenting my purchases back in the day. 

I just need to start that steady post schedule first. See you next time everyone!


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