Happy Mail!

So, I’m a planner nerd. I don’t think I’ve said that already. I need to try and post some of my spreads on social media. I’ve posted some of my hauls on vlogs but it’s something I love to share. I love the planner and journaling communities.

I started in a Pen addicts group and started swapping pens every now and then. I truly miss doing that. Then I reconnected with an old High School friend and we bonded over planner stuffs. Now we have our own swaps and it’s the best thing ever. 

I swear she spoils me. I try to spoil her as best as I can but alas, budget doesn’t allow me. I’ve been trying hard to spoil her when I can though.She introduced me to all these amazing stores and I basically drown her in Fox and Cactus because they’re my favorite shop ever.

I am in love with all the washi and I need to use them. 

Her latest package was a stuffed to the brim small mailer because she wanted me to be able to use the Halloween stuff she’d gotten me. I mean, just look at all the stuff! She also included these in my mailer too. 

The one on the right is to replace my nearly depleted one she gave me last year. 

I use an Erin Condren vertical Life Planner so the Happy Planner stickers are a little longer than the boxes in my planner. It doesn’t matter to me though because I just zone out and enjoy my planner time with everything I have available. I do need to clean up my desk to make sure I get organized. Though every single time I try, I end up receiving another box from Gyna so…the war on organization continues.

I’ll try to post my planner layouts if anyone’s interested on instagram but right now I’m trying to get on a track of things. Regular posts, queue up a few to fill in the space. From there, a weekly stream of me playing a game and slowly move towards more and more creative activity.

Hope you can come along for the ride! See you next time!


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