Minor Life Catch Up

So I’ve been trying to sort out things in my personal life a bit more lately and I sometimes feel like I’m trying to bite off more than I can chew. It still feels like a struggle most of the time. 

I switched jobs a few months ago and I am feeling a bit better when it comes to that regard. I need to work on taking bigger leaps than baby steps because I’m going to end up too attached to making slow steps. Slow steps don’t really work for all the time. 

It’s that fear man, the anxiety. It all just likes to creep up and stop you. It’s tiring, exhausting. I can’t let it get to me though. I really can’t. Then I stop creating, when I stop creating it then slowly gets worse in my head. 

I did take dancing seriously a few weeks ago. I accomplished something with that too. I learned how to shuffle at long last. I don’t know if I event mentioned this. By learning how to shuffle I finally succeeded in fully learning my first dance in years, Momoland’s ‘Baam’. 

…which I haven’t practiced in weeks. 

I really need to keep going back into the swing of things but when the motivation leaves because you find it hopeless to do certain things…it really leaves much to be said. I’m trying…but I can’t just keep trying. I need to actually get things done. 

Here’s to really following through with a posting schedule in what’s left of the year. I have made some progress. This is…my fifth post this month? That’s good. Now I just need to keep going. 

See you all next time. 

(PS: Prepare for Fortnitemares posts)


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